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Interview with Judit Polgar click here

10 questions for Teimour Radjabov

DGT in Hellas

CHESS.GR and BLACKQUEEN would like to inform the public that we are the representatives of DGT PROJECTS now in Greece.
DGT PROJECTS is the producer of electronic chess-boards and clocks and the supplier of these items to FIDE. By using the DGT elctronic board the presentation of live tournaments is possible due ti the real time Video projection and to the Internet.
The DGT electronic board was presented to Greece at the match between Karpov Kouvatsou in Rethymno last April. The second DGT encounter was on 13-14 of June 2001 and the match Deep junior 7 vs Banikas.
The DGT products - with special prices- are available at in Greek and soon in English at the same address.

Chess Over the World 2007 (more...)

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International Tournament "Acropolis 2007"
Gyorgy Mem. 2007
Chess Classic Mainz 2007
Kavala 2007
Arctic Chess Challenge
40th Biel Chess Festival 2007
Politiken Cup 2007
Summer Cup 2007
8th Montreal International Tournament Empresa
20th Ciudad de Leon 2007
Leko vs Kramnik
Pivdenny Bank Chess Cup
Dortmund 2007
Aerosvit 2007
Sigeman 2007
World Championship Candidate Matches 2007
Bosna 2007
M-Tel 2007
Aronian vs Kramnik Rapid Match
Gausdal 2007
Games Festival 2007
Portisch vs Spassky Match
Interview with Viswanathan Anand
Chess Classic Mainz 2007
European Individual Championships 2007
Amber 2007
8th Poikovsky Karpov Tournament
Linares 2007
Cappelle La Grande Open 2007
Aeroflot 2007
Gibraltar 2007
Corus 2007
ACP World Rapid Cup
Rilton Cup 2006-2007
Reggio Emilia 06-07
Hastings 2006-2007

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The 1st ever Hellenic Internet Chess Club in 1994 (October) when the Netscape was at version 0,90!

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