:: Dortmund Sparkassen Chess-Meeting 2004

The Dortmund Sparkassen Chess-Meeting will take place in the Dortmund Theatre between 22nd of July and 1st of August 2004. There will be a new tournament format: Eight top Grandmasters will fight in preliminary groups, semifinal and final matches to win the Super Tournament. „We present an exciting system of play for classical chess“, says Gerd Kolbe, Director of the Dortmund Organizing Committee. The format is known from the Candidates‘ tournament at Dortmund in 2002.

The eight players are divided in two groups. In a double round robin system each player will play 6 games. The two winners from each group will advance to the semifinals. The winners will play the final match, the losers will play the match for the 3rd place. Number 3 and number 4 in each preliminary group will play for the places 5 to 8.

The Schedule for the Dortmund Super Tournament 2004:
Thursday July 22 at 14.00 Round 1
Friday July 23 at 14.00 Round 2
Saturday July 24 at 14.00 Round 3
Sunday July 25 at 14.00 Round 4
Monday July 26 at 14.00 Round 5
Tuesday July 27 at 14.00 Round 6 (and tie break)
Wednesday July 28 Rest Day
Thursday July 29 at 14.00 Semifinal game 1
Friday July 30 at 14.00 Semifinal game 2 (and tie break)
Saturday July 31 at 14.00 Final game 1
Sunday August 1 at 11.30 Final game 2 (and tie break)

For information please contact Rolf Behovits, press officer and spokesman of the Sparkassen Chess-Meeting.
Contact: pr-behovits@uumail.de or presse_dortmund@chessgate.de

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