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World Chess Championship - 25.09. - 18.10.2004
First Classical World Chess Championship after four years will take place in Switzerland

CENTRO DANNEMANN sets one million Swiss franks as prize money
The Association of Chess Professionals (ACP) passes a new set of regulations

Hamburg / Brissago May 12. 2004 - Just four months before the start of the Classical World Chess Championship between the titleholder Vladimir Kramnik (28) and the Hungarian challenger Peter Leko (24), further details were publicly announced at an international press conference in Hamburg.

The organiser, the Swiss CENTRO DANNEMANN, has made available prize money in the amount of one million Swiss franks. „The size of the amount underlines the global importance of this tournament“, emphasises Hans Leusen, President of DANNEMANN Brazil. “Our commitment is intended to contribute to the further development and professionalisation of chess and we look forward to the competition with exited anticipation.“

The tournament will take place from September 25 to October 18, 2004 at the CENTRO DANNEMANN in Brissago at Lago Maggiore (Ticino / Switzerland) over 14 games of chess with classical time controls. As referee, the organiser has appointed the internationally renowned Dr. Markus Angst (Switzerland), Dr. Andrzej Filipowicz (Poland) and Albert Vasse (The Netherlands).

Joel Lautier, President of the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP) and the tournament director nominated by the organiser presented in Hamburg the rules for the World Championship, which according to ACP could also form the framework for future World Championship duels. The cornerstones of the set of rules are the game plan as well as the classical time for reflection, which are in harmony with the 118-year old tradition of the great World Championship duels.

The organiser and the ACP expect an exciting, unforeseeable and eventful combat. Vladimir Kramnik, since his victory over Gary Kasparov in November 2000 in London, the respected World Chess Champion, meets in Peter Leko the only player who is able to show a positive balance in the previous meetings with serious, classical time controls.

Both protagonists expect an exciting course and a hard-fought outcome of the competition. Asked about his chances to defend the title, the Russian said: “Leko is the least attractive and most difficult opponent that I could meet. At the moment, he is a greater challenge than Kasparov. I estimate my chances at 55 percent, no more“. Leko showed himself to be very self-confident: “Kramnik is a strong, very strong World Champion, but I have the ability, the will and the game to beat him.“ The young Hungarian must live with a handicap otherwise under absolutely the same conditions. While a 7:7 draw is sufficient for a defence of the title by the World Champion, Leko must win the competition to be able to replace Kramnik as the 15th World Champion in October.

The games will be broadcast by various international television channels. Anyone interested can however not only follow the tournament live in the internet under www.worldchesschampionship.info, but also can make predictions of the course of the play via interactive elements and win prizes. The visit to the World Championship is also attractive from a tourist point of view. The CENTRO DANNEMANN, together with Canton Ticino and the travel agent Kuoni offers interesting packages at various price levels. Likewise, in cooperation with Canton Ticino and the Swiss Chess Association, besides the main event, the CENTRO DANNEMANN will present attractive programmes of social events to the public on site. The prices for attendance are yet to be announced.

About the CENTRO DANNEMANN SA – Brissago|Switzerland

Inspired by the success of the CENTRO CULTURAL DANNEMANN (Bahia, Brazil) at the start of 2002, the CENTRO DANNEMANN was founded in Brissago. The CENTRO DANNEMANN is a place where ideas, dreams and thoughts are found. The guests of the CENTRO DANNEMANN include among other things: the Locarno Film Festival, the Ruggero Leoncavalo Opera Festival and Miss Switzerland 2003, with which joint events were organised in an extraordinary manner. During the 2nd. DANNEMANN Chess Classico on January 29, 2004 the reigning World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik was a guest in the CENTRO DANNEMANN in Brissago. He beat the German national team in a simultaneous match with 2.5-1.5.

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