:: Kasparov vs Deep Junior

Draw in 6th game - The match ended tied

Kasparov - Deep Junior 3.0-3.0
Game 1: Kasparov - Deep Junior 1-0
Game 2: Deep Junior - Kasparov 1/2
Game 3: Kasparov - Deep Junior 0-1
Game 4: Deep Junior - Kasparov 1/2
Game 5: Kasparov - Deep Junior 1/2
Game 6: Deep Junior - Kasparov 1/2

NOTE!:The chess program Deep Junior 7 (the same edition of the program that plays against Kasparov) is widely known in our country since it was presented for the first time in June 2001 when it played against the Champion of Greece and Grandmaster Christodoulos Banikas in Athens on a double processor machine. The final score was 2.5-1.5 in favor of the chess program.
In this event In.GR, the most popular portal in Greece, and Chess.GR were the sponsors.

One year afterwards, the same program played against the very strong Belgian Grandmaster Mikhail Gurevich in Korinthos whom it crushed completely (final score 3.5-0.5).

The match takes place at the New York Athletic Club. Kasparov and Deep Junior will play six games over a two-week period beginning January 26 and ending February 7. The matches will be broadcast live over the internet in Extreme 3D at www.x3dworld.com.

2D game playback with commentary and live photos will also be available at www.x3dworld.com. A V.I.P. reception will be held January 23. F.I.D.E. President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov stated in Moscow: "New York is the best place in the world to showcase this historical event and promote the game of chess as a symbol of friendship between all the countries."

The schedule is: Game 1: Jan 26, Game 2: Jan 28, Game 3: Jan 30, Game 4: Feb 2, Game 5: Feb 5, Game 6: Feb 7 (All games will start @ 20:30 GMT)

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