U.S. Chess Championships

Alexander Shabalov is the 2003 United States Chess Champion

For the third year in a row, America's Foundation For Chess  hosted the U.S. Chess Championships, from January 9th - 18th, 2003 (rest day on 14th). This year, 58 men and women  played in one competition. Twenty top-rated players (12 men, 8 women) - including the 2002 U.S. Champions and 2001 and 2002 U.S. Junior Champions - were automatically seeded into the event.

Final Standings (Leading group): 1 Shabalov 6
2 Kaidanov, Goldin, Gulko, Benjamin, Stripunsky, Ivanov, Fedorowicz 6
9 Seirawan, De Firmian, Christiansen, Yermolinsky, Akobian, Nakamura, Zaitshik, Burnett, Sarkar 5
18 Finegold, Serper, Kreiman, Fishbein, Gurevich, Foygel, Muhammad 5

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