Mini-interview with Nigel Short
The famous British grandmaster and ex-challenger of the World Title Nigel Short, visited the WYCC 2003 in Kallithea of Halkidiki and gave a mini interview to Argiris Kotsis, responsible for Hellenic Chess Portal

Nigel Short was generally impressed by the organizing of the Championships and the offered hospitality. He spoke about the future of the World Men Championship and chess in Greece. Nigel Short has been a permanent resident of Athens, Greece for 10 years now as he is married to a Greek woman with whom he has 2 children.

What are your impressions of the World Youth Championships 2003?

My impressions of the Championships are the most favorable. I understand completely that itís not easy at all to organize such an event with a so big number of participants. I believe that the organizers did a very good job generally.

On the other hand, Iíd like to note the mediocre presentation of the games to the public. People watching the games have a lot of difficulty to figure out whom exactly theyíre watching play because there are no flags and signs next to the players, at least next to those who play on the top boards of each category.

Also, I think that there should be a sort of commentary room for the public, especially for the top boards. These are details, I know, which would make a good event an excellent event. Letís hope they will be taken into consideration next time! Nevertheless the impressions of people that I met here are very positive.

What do you think the future of the World Men Championship will be?

Maybe Iím not the right man to answer to this question. Honestly, I canít predict anything. I really canít see anything. The only I can say is that Ilyumzhinovís time is coming to a close and FIDE is going through a crisis.
It looks like a ship without steering. Surely, serious problems canít be solved just by talking about them. I know Iím not optimistic at all. Iím just being realistic.

Truly, why havenít you ever played in a Greek team since you are a permanent Greek resident?

I havenít played because nobody offered me the money I requested. Itís strange but although thereís a huge chess activity in Greece, thereís no tradition of top events. Greece hasnít got into the procedure of organizing tournaments of a high level.

Greece isnít used to paying top players, and quality is always paid. Unfortunately, although there are many Greek grandmasters of a very respectable level at the moment, they are not given the opportunity to participate in tournaments against stronger opposition. What Greece also needs right now is more close tournaments.

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