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Greek top four at the “Acropolis 2004”

As it was expected, the closed GM tournament of “Acropolis 2004” is completed with a double triumph for Greece. More specifically, four Greek players scored equal points at the 1st position and two of them (A. Mastrovasilis and A. Vouldis) achieved their second GM norm thus requiring only another one for the GM title.

Athanasios Mastrovasilis is the winner of the closed GM tournament and Vassilios Kotronias, Angelos Vouldis, and Dimitrios Mastrovasilis (see in the photo - from the left) took the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th position respectively according to Bucholz criteria.

GM Bartosz Socko from Poland is the winner of the Men’s Open tournament. Four grandmasters scored equal points at the 2nd position while the highest rank among the Greek players achieved Stelios Halkias, I. Nikolaidis, K. Moutousis, and S. Skembris who scored equal points at the 6th position.

As for the Women’s Open tournament, the two favourites shared the top, Monika Socko from Poland who is actually the winner according to Bucholz criteria, and C.A. Foisor from Romania. Among Greek players the most distinguishing performances came from Anna Maria Botsari who shared the 3rd position with Jana Krivec from Slovenia, and Ioulia Makka along with Ekaterini Fakhiridou who took the 5th and 6th position respectively.

Final Standings (after 9 rounds)

Closed GM tournament: 1-4. Athanasios Mastrovasilis (Greece, IM 2502), Vassilios Kotronias (Greece, GM 2599), Angelos Vouldis (Greece, IM 2524), Dimitrios Mastrovasilis (Greece, GM 2574) 6.0 points.
5. Roland Schmaltz (Germany, GM 2528) 5.0 points, 6-7. Andreas Tzermiadianos (Greece, IM 2453), Spiros Kapnisis (Greece, IM 2435) 4.0 points, 8. O.D. Foisor (Romania, IM 2376) 3.5 points, 9. Nikoloz Shavtvaladze (Georgia, IM 2430) 2.5 points, 10. Nikoloz Managadze (Georgia, IM 2440) 2.0 points.

Men’s Open tournament (59 participants): 1. Bartosz Socko (Poland, GM 2570) 7.0 points, 2-5. Suat Atalik (Bosnia-Herzegovina, GM 2541), Mircea Parligras (Romania, GM 2559), Alik Gershon (Israel, GM 2524), Dragan Solak (Serbia and Montenegro, GM 2563) 6.5 points, 6-12. Eduardas Rozentalis (Lithuania, GM 2595), Stelios Halkias (Greece, GM 2526), Ioannis Nikolaidis (Greece, GM 2527), Normunds Miezis (Latvia, GM 2524), Kostas Moutousis (Greece, IM 2422), Spiros Skembris (Greece, GM 2446), Besarion Khetsuriani (Georgia, IM 2346) 6.0 points.

Women’s Open tournament (28 participants): 1-2. Monika Socko (Poland, IM 2439), C.A. Foisor (Romania, IM 2436) 6.5 points, 3-4. Jana Krivec (Slovenia, WIM 2214), Anna Maria Botsari (Greece, WGM 2362) 6.0 points, 5-9. Ioulia Makka (Greece, WIM 2217), Ekaterini Fakhiridou (Greece, WIM 2258), Bettina Trabert (Germany, WGM 2331), Inga Khurtsilava (Georgia, WIM 2268), Anastasia Sorokina (Australia, WIM 2199) 5.5 points.

The Acropolis International Tournaments 2004 took place at the hotel President in Athens (Kifissias ave. 43) from the 16th until the 24th of November 2004.

The event included 3 parallel tournaments, a men's closed tournament, a men's open, and a women's open tournament.

The Acropolis is a long tradition which began in 1968 and despite in between interruptions it goes on always maintaining its high level and justifying its fame.

Chess.GR was responsible for the construction of the official webpage of the tournament (results, standings, photos) and the broadcasting of live games in every round.

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