Pulvermühle 2004

The winner Jan Gustafsson

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Final Standings:
1. Gustafsson,Jan 7.0,
2. Bezold,Michael 7.0,
3. Döttling,Fabian 5.5,
4. Hector,Johnny 5.0,
5. Conquest,Stuart 4.5,
6. Bischoff,Klaus 4.5,
7. Naiditsch,Arkadij 4.5,
8. Prusikin,Michael 4.5,
9. Baramidze,David 4.5,
10. Stellwagen,Daniel 4.0,
11. Skripchenko,Almir 4.0

rom Feb. 18th - 28th there was the second edition of the Fraenkische Grossmeistertage in Hotel Pulvermuehle near Bayreuth. 11 players from 5 countries competed in the Cat.11 round robin (Average 2516) GM section.

Some experienced fighting players like Jonny Hector and Stuart Conquest faced the younger generation like Arkadij Naiditsch, David Baramidze and Daniel Stellwagen.
Following the tradition in Pulvermuehle Almira Skripchenko, a top female player, was participating.

Additionally there was an 8 round match between the two young IMs Arik Braun and Jan Markos. Markos was European Champion U 16 and Braun is still watching out for this title but his results in the past few months were quite impressive (Stockholm, German Championships).
In the Nachwuchs-Cup two German and two Dutch juniors fought for the qualification to the International German Championships in April in Deizisau.

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