Yerevan Olympiad 1996

The Yerevan Olympiad 1996 shall be held from 15th September (arrival) to 2nd October (departure) in the Sports and Concert Complex. Concurrently, the 67th FIDE Congress shall be held from 23rd September (arrival) till 2nd October (departure).

All games will be played at the following times:

15:00-22:00 Local time, Yerevan, Round 1-14
There will be no games played on September 22, 29
October 2 12:00-14:00 Closing Ceremony & Departure

Round 116/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 217/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 318/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 419/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 520/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 621/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 723/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 824/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 925/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 1026/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 1127/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 1228/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 1330/9/1996MENWOMEN
Round 141/10/1996MENWOMEN

Final Standings

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