M.D. Crowther reports:

World Chess Champion Robert James Fischer will be arriving in our country Tuesday, June 18, having been specially invited by the Sports Institute of the Province (of Buenos Aires), to announce the world-wide launch of his new game: FISCHERANDOM.

Other geniuses such as Emmanuel Lasker and Jose Raul Capablanca attempted unsuccessfully to revitalize chess with new rules. Now Fischer, after five centuries, gives life to a radical change that will shake the world.

On Wednesday, June 19 (place to be named later), a press conference will take place that has three main objectives:

1) Confirm July 11, at Pasaje Dardo Rocha in the city of La Plata, Argentina as the chosen time and place for the presentation,
2) Make publicly known the rules of the new game, and
3) Present the participants of the First Exhibition Match: two-time Argentine champion Pablo Ricardi and the first Asian Grandmaster, Eugene Torre of the Philippines.

Bobby Fischer, who caused a revolution with his new digital clock (used in the Return Match for the World Championship against Boris Spassky in Yugoslavia in 1992) has been working for years on this new form of chess to be presented here in our country.

If we look back for the last change made in the scientific game, history takes us to 1492, when the Spaniard Ramirez de Lucena introduced castling in one move; previously it had taken two.

The innovative American's decision to choose Argentina as the site for such a transcendental cultural and sporting event was due to the sincere admiration that Fischer professes for our country. He has visited on four prior occasions (1959, 1960, 1970, 1971) and the warm reception he always received here from chess fans led him to propose Buenos Aires as the location for the World Championship Match with Spassky in 1972.

In the end, the match took place in Reykjavic, Iceland where Fischer took possession of the World Championship crown he has never relinquished.

Fischer's next move, eagerly awaited by the entire world and bearing his hallmark of originality, will be made in Argentina. As only the greatest have done, he is moving the world forward.

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