Karpov's Interview

by Peter Hammer and Tages Anzeiger
translated by Martin Bennedik

"Now it is Kasparov's move"

Karpov does not fear his rival.
After defending his Fide-Worldchampionship-title Anatoli Karpov is ready for a match against PCA-Worldchampion Garry Kasparov. The russian is playing in Biel at this time and he is very open to the media.

Q: Anatoly Karpov, when will the since 1993 lasting era with two worldchampions be ended?

A:There are no details about a worldchampionship match between me and Garry Karsparow now. We only spoke about a worlchampionship-match in general. But there is nothing clear yet. While I was defending my title against Kamski, Kasparov said that I was afraid of him. But that only motivated me to clearly beat Kamski, of course. Then he said, that he is interested in a worldchampionship fight against me. So I said after the match in Elista, that there are no obstacles. Then again Kasparov said on a press conference in Geneva, that he was not informed.

Q: Will there be a match in this year?

A:No, impossible. Not earlier than the beginning of 1997.

Q: How many rounds will be played?

A:That is not so important for me, 16 or 20 games make sense.

Q: With adjourned games? A:I think in matches with adjournments like in Elista the quality of the games increases substantially. But with or without adjourned games is of no importance for me. Fischers idea is clever. Every move played results in a time bonus. So you get rid of the adjourned games.

Q: So you are 100 percent willing to play a match against Kasparov?

A:Yes, I will be ready for a fight. Now it is Kasparovs move.

Q: Even if there will be a 20-rounds tournament with, say 6 players?

A:Why not?

Q:Are you also going for personal talks with Kasparov?

A:No, therfore we have our go betweens.

Q: Who is your favorite for the FIDE presidential elections in September during the olympiad in Erewan?

A:The Brazilian candidate Jaime Sunny-Neto is my friend, but he is not the right man.

Q: Why?

A:He does not have the right connections even in his own country.

Q: And the Frenchman Bachar Kouatly?

A:Kouatly is much better. He organized a lot of tournaments for example the Worldchampionship 1990 in Lyon.

Q:And the ruling president, the Kalmyck Kirsan Iljumschinow?

A:I think it will be the best for chess, if Iljumschinow stays. But it is important, that the FIDE team is reduced from 7 or 8 to a maximum of 5 persons. Then the choice of the president is no longer so important, because the whole FIDE team becomes more important.

Q:I In Elista you were working not only as a player but also as a journalist. Why?

A:I think it is better when the players are writing what they were thinking during the game instead of others thinking about what we should have thought. But the work was done by one of my seconds, Ron Henley. I only helped him.